Outlaws and Hackers on the Computer Frontier

A revealing window into hacker subculture, Cyberpunk profiles notorious hackers Kevin Mitnick, Robert T. Morris, and “Pengo.” International in their reach, these individual outlaws were able to penetrate sensitive computer networks and became infamous figures in the history of computer hacking. Katie Hafner and John Markoff’s Cyberpunk is an essential cautionary tale of early computer hackers and the legacy they’ve left behind.


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“Plenty of juicy detail…Katie Hafner and John Markoff, like the dedicated, intense cyberpunks they illuminate, appear to have stopped at nothing to hack their way into the cyberpunk subculture.”
Christian Science Monitor
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“A fascinating inside account of the lives and exploits of these youths, who have little respect for privacy, social norms, or the law.”
Cliff StollAuthor of The Cuckoo’s Egg
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“An astonishing story (whose) trail leads a across modems…as well as police blotters in America and Germany. This is the computing underground, our high-tech counterculture.”
Los Angeles Times Book Review
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“An engrossing, valuable work.”